War on Women AND Children

Democrats have been peddling the “War on Women” for months. Trying to garner the important female vote, a bunch of men concocted a plan that relies entirely on our “lady parts.” Women must vote for Obama so that we can enjoy reproductive freedom. You see, our sex lives are what now define us. We can be bought for birth control pills and abortions. We sure are cheap dates.

This flies in the face of millennia of anecdotal and scientific evidence. We think with our brains, men think with their, to be tasteful, “man parts.” Women are powerful because of our maternal instincts, our loyalty, our monogamy, our higher virtue, our empathy and our brains. Yet what does the Democratic party minimize, but these very sources of our superiority. They seek to make us over in the image and likeness of men, but in doing so, they choose to focus on one of men’s lesser features, namely libido. As a result, from an early age, we and our daughters are steeped in a culture that encourages the belief that an uncontrolled sex life with multiple partners, where weirder is better, is what everyone else is enjoying. What the hell is wrong with you?

It’s not a war on women and it’s not waged by Mitt Romney or the Republican Party. President Obama, Shelly Berkley, Harry Reid and their fellow Democrats have conducted a systemic attack on women and children for the last 4 years. Birth control and abortion are just shiny objects meant to distract women from the carnage their anti-family campaign has wrought.

Every day, like many women, I have to make the difficult choices between milk or gas because my government has decided to divert corn into gas tanks. By doing so, they have created more expensive gas, while limiting the supply of corn available to feed both people and livestock. I have to weigh the cost of sports and music lessons for my three kids, as both Physical Education and Music are cut from school curricula. I have to sweat bullets as my high school senior edges ever closer to the mind-numbing costs of higher education. I have to figure out how to make less money go farther when every single cost has gone up. I have to sweat the last four or five days of the month because as expenses have gone up, our income has been cut. Yet each month, instead of complain, I give thanks that my family has an income, unlike so many of our friends. Yet, somehow a $9 pack of pills, will solve all of my problems. Oh, and thankfully, I can kill any other offspring that might show up unexpectedly. This is the war, and it is a war on women AND children.

Seriously, Shelley and Barack, if you want to help women like me, get out of the way. Let American ingenuity solve our nation’s energy problems, creating energy independence and JOBS. Parent your own kids, not mine. Reduce tax rates – not just for those below an arbitrary number, but everyone. Quit thinking women are so stupid. It is insulting. It makes me long for the days of men staring at my rack, rather than the democratic party celebrating my V*****. Just to let you know, I feel empowered to use the V-word, I just was brought up better.