Northern Nevada Primary Election Thoughts

It’s election time again. In Northern Nevada, we have a few important primaries. So, if you can momentarily divert your attention from the Trump/Hillary/Bernie show, I have a few thoughts. Skip to the bottom for my recommendations.

First, primaries are incredibly important and they are happening NOW. Early voting is available at the following locations:

Carson City:

Washoe County:

Second, know who you are voting for…RGJ interviewed the legislative candidates who face primaries. Here’s the link…

Third, if you want my opinion (and who wouldn’t), let me explain a few things behind my reasoning.

  • Important caveat – I have tremendous respect for anyone who throws their hat into the ring and runs. These are the folks that put their money where their mouth is. We all spend time complaining about what is wrong with the system, but who actually stakes their personal fortune (however small or large), put their families through the ringer and take the very painful slings and arrows that come from campaigning. So thank you, one and all.
  • I am pro-life – first and foremost. A candidate that can not or chooses not to protect the most vulnerable among us should choose another line of business – pure and simple. I have other issues that are pretty important, but if you can’t pass that smell test, then, well, move along.
  • I am pro-life, but I am wiser than you may think. Here are some questions I asked prior to making these endorsements:
    • For non-incumbents:
      • Of the candidates, who says they are pro-life?
      • Of those who said they are pro-life, who has actively worked in the pro-life cause?
    • For incumbents who had the first opportunity in many sessions to consider pro-life legislation and the very first opportunity in DECADES to actually pass pro-life legislation:
      • Who sponsored pro-life legislation?
      • Who actively worked to advance and advocate for pro-life legislation? (Sadly, not a single senator from last session passes this test and some failed it miserably).
      • Who testified in favor of pro-life legislation? (This is an important key in AD40, but I won’t ruin the surprise)
      • Who actually voted for pro-life legislation?
      • Who read our bill in its entirety?
      • Who met with me (chief lobbyist for parental notification for underage girls seeking an abortion, otherwise known as that commonsense low-bar requirement that has operated in 30 other state for several decades) during the last session? (This questions will hurt Senator Becky Harris in two years. But fortunately for her, she has an opportunity to fix this next session. I hope she does.)
  • My aim is to save lives – from conception to natural death. Until we can protect all lives, I look for those who will work to pass effective laws that reduce the abortion numbers and rates and works to protect the elderly, disabled, marginalized and medically vulnerable from assisted suicide and euthanasia.
  • There are several candidates that I really like and hope run again, but are not positioned to win this time.
  • I speak for myself.

So here goes the first round. By the way, sorry if you were one of the 13K Republican primary voters who have already voted. And, if you are wondering why I am acting like Republicans are the only ones who matter…it’s because they are. The democrat party has sadly been at war with the unborn for decades. I wish that weren’t so, but please, please find me a candidate that is pro-life and I will gladly spotlight them.


AD25 – Jill Tolles. Jill worked with the Reno Crisis Pregnancy Center for many years. CPCs and Maternity Homes (like Casa de Vida and Living Grace) are on the front-lines of pro-life work. She earned her bona fides there. I am excited at the prospect of this smart, articulate woman in the legislature.

AD26 – Jason Guinasso. I got to know Jason Guinasso well during the 2012 case involving a Washoe County Court Judge who sought to force a mentally disabled woman to abort her unborn baby. The case garnered international attention. The odds appeared to be stacked against this unborn baby and the mother who wanted to protect her, yet Jason fought tirelessly and humbly. In the end, he saved that little girl. All of us in the pro-life community seek to save lives, but few of us know the life we saved. Jason does. He also has a background working with the Crisis Pregnancy Center here in Reno and served on the board of Nevada Life. I look forward to his voice working to protect life in the legislature.

AD40 – Sam England. I have been warned not to go against an incumbent. I strongly support Sam England in a crowded race. Sam is a decorated army veteran, physician assistant and father of three small children. He embodies the millennial generation (PS the most pro-life generation). He believes in the sanctity of life and has already stood watch to protect it. His number one issue is the protection of life. How many candidates will say this publicly? His understanding of the medical issues He is one of the best candidates of this cycle. With his vested interest in the future of our state (those three little kids), he will be a powerful and needed voice in Carson City.

Incumbent P.K. O’Neill lost my support when he chose to offer an amendment to the parental notification bill on the senate side. In doing so, he took up valuable time reserved for advocates, many of whom had traveled from Las Vegas and California and were not given any opportunity to present their information. He did so without consulting anyone on the lobbying team. For this reason, even though he has a recorded vote in the affirmative on the assembly side, he helped to kill it on the senate side. I can not support him in the primary. The days of being able to claim to be pro-life then do nothing (or work in the caucus room against a pro-life issue) are over. Chris Forbush has residency issues that could throw this otherwise safe Republican seat into the hands of Democrats. We can not risk this seat when we already have so many Republican assembly seats in danger. His unwillingness to answer questionnaires is also a concern.